murdoch blocker

are you sick of rupert murdoch's bullshit? good! so am i. so i made a script to block it. to install the script, do the following:

  1. first, install the tampermonkey extension for your browser. (if you are a firefox user and you already have greasemonkey, you can use that instead.)
  2. then just click here to install the script.

this script blocks websites with ties to rupert murdoch, the toxic bullshit merchant behind the "news" corporation (the s*n, the times,, wsj and many more) and fox corporation (fox news, fox sports, and more).
you can look at the script's source for the full list of websites (256 of them).
did i forget something? almost certainly! dm me on twitter (@emilyapocalypse) and i'll fix it
credit to the bye rupert extension for the original idea - sadly, it hasn't been updated for over 4 years, which is why i had to remake it.

made by emily from (@emilyapocalypse)